Kalo, Finnish verb conjugation

Finnish Kalo is a language of the Romani language family spoken by Finnish Kale. The language is related to but not mutually intelligible with Scandoromani or Angloromani.

Conjugate a Kalo, Finnish Verb

Fill in the glossary look-up form (indicative present, 3rd person singular)
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Swedish Loanwords

There are a lot of verbs that have been borrowed from the Swedish language, such as these to name a few: bitavela, bitila, bleekavela, bleekila, bleekula, bleekuvela, blyötavela, blyötila, blyötula, blyötuvela, bokkavela, bokkila, dundravela, dundrila, dömmavela, dömmila, fäärdavela, fäärdila, fäärdula, fäärduvela, fäärjavela, fäärjila, följavela, följila, förbarmavela, förbarmila, griinavela, griinila, hemnavela, hemnila, huushollavela, huushollila, hyyravela, hyyrila, iegavela, iegila, jelpavela, jelpila, lappavela, lappila, lastila, lovavela, lovila, lyönavela, lyönila, myördavela, myördila, nemnavela, nemnila, plokkavela.