Hunsrik verb conjugation

Hunsrik is a Moselle Franconian language derived primarily from the Hunsr├╝ckisch dialect of West Central German. There are around 3,000,000 speakers of Hunsrik. The verb conjugation is much simpler than that of German; most verbs in past tense, for instance, are conjugated with the help of an auxiliary verb.

Conjugate a Hunsrik Verb

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Hunsrik verbs are conjugated only in past participle and present. All other tenses are formed with an auxiliary, except a limited number of common verbs: brauche ('to need'); denke ('to think'); dun ('to do'); hon ('to have'); kenne ('to know someone'); komme ('to come'); misse ('must'); saan ('to say'); sihn ('to see'); sin ('to be'); solle ('ought to'); terfe ('need to'); werre ('to become'); wisse ('to know'); wolle ('will').